Our View: Winter is Coming, Be sure your vehicle is ready

The winter season is upon us.

Here are some tips to get your car winter ready.

Change and check your fluids regularly. These fluids would be coolants, oil change and wiper fluid. This is how to check your fluids:

Oil: Many vehicles have an oil dipstick, with maximum and minimum markings, for checking the oil level. Pull the dipstick all the way out and wipe the bottom clean with a dry rag. Then re-insert the dipstick completely and remove it again, this time keeping it held upright or flat so the oil doesn’t run up the dipstick causing an inaccurate reading.

Coolant: Check your coolant after the car has been sitting for several hours. Some vehicles allow you to check the level simply by looking through a translucent coolant expansion or overflow tank, and verify that the level is between the minimum and maximum markings.

Also, check tire pressure and make sure you have snow tires.

Make sure to check battery capacity. You can check battery capacity by using digital multimeter. You would connect the wires together while the engine is running, and it will tell you the battery percentage.

For the inside, make sure to keep a flashlight, blanket, leather gloves and hat. Also add a bag of kitty litter or sand, so this can help provide traction if your tires get stuck in the snow or slush.

Lastly, be sure to add an ice scraper and brush, a small shovel, a leak-proof container of coolant and snacks.

These are a few tips to get your car winter ready.

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