Two plays set for stage on next Friday, Saturday

Two plays are set for Friday, Nov. 10 and Saturday, Nov. 11 at 7:30 p.m. each night. The first play, “I Never Saw Another Butterfly”, illustrates the story through one act of a young girl named Raja living in a Jewish ghetto area in the time period of the Holocaust, told by herself as an adult. The second play, “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged”, tells some of the most famous Shakespearean plays in a quick yet comedic fashion.

The two plays are meant to contrast each other with humor and the balancing of sadness, and they were chosen by director Michelle Rathe.

One of the many narrators for both plays, senior Arlo Hettle, said he loves being involved in theater.

“I love getting to meet and work with so many amazing people. Ms. Rathe is a great director, and she pushes us in rehearsal every day,” Hettle said.

Acting since the fifth grade, Hettle has lots of experience in theater.

“I’ve been involved with theater at CFHS since the fall of my sophomore year. My favorite show I’ve done at CF is ‘Our Town’ the spring of my sophomore year.”

Hettle said he is grateful for meeting so many new people, creating new memories and always looking forward to theater no matter how the day has gone.

“I’ll just remember all the good times I’ve had hanging out and talking with people backstage. Theater is all about putting yourself out there and finding out more about yourself by looking at yourself through someone else,” he said.

Playing the mother in “I Never Saw Butterfly,” senior Taylor Sullivan said she loves the passion and emotions that come through in her peers in the play and seeing what the play has become whether serious or dramatic.

Although Sullivan is a newbie in the theater crew, she said she is most excited for actually performing for people and seeing it all come together the last two nights.

“I originally wanted to join play because I knew I had friends there, and for the past two years several people have told me how fun it was, and that it was something I needed to experience before I graduated,” she said.

Sullivan also agreed with Hettle and said she enjoys working with Rathe.

“Honestly I loved getting to know Rathe through this whole process. She’s a lovely woman to work with.”

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