Pokemon returns to its roots by reworking ‘I Chose You’

Being as we are all teens of 1999 or younger, we never saw where Pokemon began, the fated first episode “I Chose You.” Well, coming up on Nov. 5 and Nov. 6, we’ll get to experience just that, but with some modern things mixed in.

The first episode of the famous Pokemon anime is being re-animated into a full 98-minute movie. Not much is known. Only one trailer has been release, but it gives a lot for a person to think about.

For one, the movie won’t be following the exact plot of episode one but will be showing scenes from episode one and early season one of the anime.

The movie will then progress as if Ash is going a separate journey, but on this journey, he has a different goal. If you wish to know this goal, you’re best bet is to look up the trailer or to see the movie.

The trailer gives lot of room for theories and speculations. Using only info given by the official Pokemon company, we can confirm that Ash’s first two companions, Misty and Brock, will most likely be in this movie. This can be confirmed because on the wiki, it says, “Ash will meet familiar faces, along with new ones.”

Using this data and the fact it’s a movie primarily from season one, it can be concluded that the original two will return for at least some parts of the movie. From this line, there is also a high chance some of the other characters Ash has traveled with will join him.

The new faces he meets will raise questions.Maybe we can get answers to these questions when the movie comes out.

Finally, as a whole, fans might be wondering what to expect since the trailer and wiki provide little and keeps the movie shrouded in mystery.

One of those questions is simple: Will this count as canon to the Pokemon anime? Most the time, movies are not canon to their anime, but sometimes a movie will show that it is canon, or relevant, to the actual anime series it relates to.

This is unlikely, since it seems Ash is chasing something he saw in the first episode, and that’s the premises of the movie. Making this movie canon would not change much, if anything.

This movie has a lot of people, both of the old generation and new generation, hyped. With less than a week to go until the movie’s big release, Pokemon fans both new and old wait on the edge of their seats to see what this movie will bring.

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