‘Orient Express’ slowed down by plot

From his thick French accent spoken through an extremely ornate mustache to his stylish and beautiful shots, Kenneth Branagh manages to deliver a sleek remake of the classic murder mystery “Murder on the Orient Express” based upon the novel by Agatha Christie of the same name.

In the very first scene of “Murder on the Orient Express,” the show is stolen by Branagh’s Detective Poirot. Although the cast is star studded, he stands out as the most memorable character in the company of Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Daisy Ridley and more of Hollywood’s greatest who ride the lavish Orient Express. Watching the actors alongside each other is a treat in itself.

Alongside the great cast is great directing by the actor/director Branagh. The palette of color alongside some beautiful shots such as the overhead view following a murder or the camera panning across the inquisitive face of the detective are masterful. The remake of the already wonderful film, whether necessary or not, uses modern movie making technology to deliver some really visually pleasing images

The shots would be nothing without a great subject to focus on, and the setting of “Murder on the Orient Express” is something perfect to witness visually.The Orient Express, where most of the film takes place, is luxurious and although cramped, seems full of possibility. The characters all dress very stylishly in the timeless 1920s look, which blends with their surroundings to meet in beautiful harmony to make the film extremely attractive.

Although star studded and great on the eyes, the film is not without it’s flaws. The slow pacing can be offputting to audience members, as the movie appears to crawl along at some points, focusing too much on Branagh’s performance and not enough on the plot at hand. As the movie comes to it’s climax, the plot get’s rather convoluted and is not for everyone.

As the movie wraps up, some cliche tropes are used, but it looks beautiful. Although sometimes rocky, the audience is taken through many interesting twists and turns. Those unfamiliar with the classic tale are in for a treat.

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