Athlete of the Week: Madison Schoppe

Madison Schoppe

Women’s Diving

How long have you been diving? 

I have been diving since eighth grade, after I quit gymnastics.

What has been your biggest accomplishment? 

Just improving my overall scores, and I’ve gotten a lot of new dives I didn’t have last year, so I would say my biggest accomplishment was just my confidence has gone up.

What are some of your personal goals? 

My personal goals this season are to get on the podium at State.

What are some team goals?

Some team goals are always for me and Ashton to go firsst and second in meets, which we have made happen.

Best memory from this or previous seasons?

My best memory is just practicing with with my teammates. I can’t pick a specific one. We always have a good time and are always laughing and having fun at practices. I am going to miss them a lot next year.

Are you planning on diving after this year?

Yes. I’ve gotten some offers and have been on some visits, but it’s just something I have to really think about before I make a decision. I don’t feel like I am finished with diving yet, and picking a college will come after this season is over most likely.

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