Power hour restrictions set tone for incoming sophomores

Last year, power hour restriction was introduced for the first time to the 2016-2017 sophomores because of the misuse and abuse of the system. Many kids went out when they weren’t supposed to go out, and were not cleaning up after themselves in the halls while having lunch. The main reason for this policy coming into effect last year was ultimately that kids weren’t going and getting the academic support they needed from their teachers, and that’s what power hour is all about.

But this year things needed to change. Majorly. For incoming sophomores, there’s a new workload, new building, new people and new teachers, but some sophomores said they think the three week restriction assumed too much time for students to learn the lessons for using power hour appropriately.

“I think they’re being too hard on us and should let us have more freedom. I didn’t come to high school to still be in junior high,” sophomore Emma DeWitt said.

Sophomore Emmey Sherbon agreed with Emma’s response. “Exactly what she said, like it makes me feel like I’m five, and it just gives the upperclassmen another reason to pick on us.” Sherbon said. “I hate it. It’s stupid. I think that if we are supposed to fit in and adapt to the high school, then why would they have us in lockdown?”

And while some sophomores felt strongly about not having more flexible time to start the year, students like sophomore Shelby Conditt were indifferent about it. “I’m fine with it. It doesn’t bother me that much. It’s really not that bad. I don’t know why people are bothered with it.”

Regardless of student opinions, the purpose of power hour this year stays the same as last year: To help students get on the right foot and stay there for the rest of the year.

Counselor Chris Wood never thought of this year’s power hour restriction as a punishment. “I don’t like that people feel like it’s a punishment because it’s not a punishment. It’s just, here’s three weeks that we want you to kinda get off on the right start because sophomores last year will tell you that if you got behind in those first three weeks, and you dig yourself a hole, it’s a huge challenge to get out of, and the last thing we want to do is set people up for failure,” Wood said.

And on Thursday, Sept. 14, power hour restriction will be done and over with for most sophomores, so this means longer lunches, more time to study, more time with friends and less time confined to a classroom.

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