Cattle Congress offers chance for youthful fun

Cattle Congress was this past weekend and inner self came out to play.

Every year around this time, I drop everything just to go to the local festivities, even though the older you get, the harder it is to find kids my age to join me. I always love it anyway.

Going at night is the enjoyable part because of the beauty of the lights reflecting of the rides and carnival games.  The smells of the deep fried foods permeate the heavier, night air and rays seem to vibrate off the crowds of people. Just seeing the smile on kids’ faces when they win a giant stuffed animal at a carnival game puts me in a daze. That little girl was once me and still is.

This year’s Cattle Congress had the same amount of the energy as year prior.

Getting butterflies in my stomach waiting in line for the in line for the Kamikaze really brings out my younger self because I was always scared of riding the “big” kid rides. It may be scary, but when the adrenalin is pumping through my body when a ride is at its peak makes me want to ride it again.

I will always have a love for the Cattle Congress fair. From watching the rodeos, the llama shows, motocross events and the petting zoo portion of the fair.

Though I know I will just continue to get older in age, my inner child shall never go away.

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