Senior sets goals for year in France

In the following months, senior student Tineke Hassman will be venturing across seas to the destination of France to continue her education.

Hassman will be living in Saint-Jean du Gard, France, next year while attending le lycee, a system equivalent to high school in America.

Hassman said, “I have been awaiting this opportunity since middle school. I love to travel and learn new languages and culture. My dad was an exchange student in Holland when he was in high school, and his experience and stories have been my main inspiration for traveling abroad.”

Hassman’s four years of French education have assisted her in the preparation for France in addition to consistent exposure to the language.

“I have been studying French for four years already, and that has helped a lot. Reading books and watching YouTube in French has also helped me a ton. Just listening and trying to understand any bit of French is a step toward preparing for next year.”

Hassman continues to receive an overwhelming amount of love and support on her journey ahead.

“My family is so supportive in my decision to study abroad. Of course, I will miss them, and they will miss me, but they know that this is a once in a lifetime experience, and it is my time to go.”

While Hassman is away, she said she hopes to gain new found knowledge, relationships and memories she can bring back home.

“The first and most important thing I hope to accomplish is becoming fluent in the language. Second, I hope to make connections with people all over the world. Third, I want to experience anything and all things relating to France. Overall, in France I hope to have the best time of my life and find who I am alongside all of the other exchange students.”

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