Peet pops concert concludes season

The last band, more commonly known as the pops concert, is the Peet band’s chance to play more well known pieces from movies or television shows. The Peet seventh grade band played “The Wild Westerns” by Michael Story and “Courage,” a march by Harold Bennett.

The seventh grade jazz band played “Fat Cat” by Doug Beach and “Watermelon Man” by Chris Sharp.

The Peet eighth grade band played selections from “The Chronicles Of Narnia” and “Captain America.” The ninth grade band played a selection from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” and the eighth and ninth grade jazz band played a tune called “Pick Up the Pieces.”

Eric Lins, the Peet seventh grade band director, said he was very happy with the year as his students grew so much more as students and musicians. “Every year my fondest memory is getting to work with so many great students and seeing them grow as people and as musicians. We always laugh a lot, and the level of music always exceeds my expectations,” Lins said.

Looking forward to the summer and even the next school year, Lins said, “Summer lessons will be a lot of fun. Also, welcoming a new group of seventh graders into the Peet band family is always a lot of fun every fall.”

Lins said he was honored to get to work with such fine students this year. “I am inspired by the work ethic and drive of these students to be a part of something great. Students always have the potential to be greater than they think, and we get to help them achieve that while making great music,” Lins said.

As a last little note to his students, he mentioned, “Always find ways to do what you love, and never settle for anything less than your absolute best in everything you do.”

Ben Byersdorfer, the Peet eighth and ninth grade band director, said he was very excited for the concert and all of the hard work the bands had put into practice each and every rehearsal. “Kindness and camaraderie come first in the band room. Great musical performances are simply a residual effect of such culture,” Byersdorfer said.

The ninth grade band gave Byersdorfer a little journal as an end of the year gift to show their appreciation for all that he has done both in the band room and out of it. Sending off the freshman to move on into the next chapter of their lives is always hard for him, but Byersdorfer said he is excited for the new experiences his students will be faced with at the high school.

“We love sending the leadership of our ninth grade class on to high school as we anticipate and expect the younger students to fill those roles next year,” Byersdorfer said.

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