Netflix TV series faces questions of race

Netflix has come out with many popular shows lately such as “13 Reasons Why” and “Grace & Frankie.”

One that has really stirred up some conflict is “Dear White People.”

This show is about the campus culture war between the whites and blacks at a mainly white Ivy League school. It becomes very heated when the staff of a humor magazine hosts a very offensive “blackface” party.

Before even airing on April 24, there were already issues regarding racism in the show.

According to The Telegraph, many people described the trailer as racist and even threatened to cancel their subscriptions in protest.

This show should be an eye opener for some. If people protested the show “Dear White People” before it even aired, that may mean that people need to see the show.

The show helps one see that racism is still an issue, and people can’t push it aside and pretend it isn’t a problem.

Racism may not be shown through violent acts but through the lyrics in a song or how one engages in a conversation.

The radio channel “Dear White People”, that character Sam has, is a way for her to tell people what may offend blacks and people don’t even realize it. It is also a way for some to simply notice the problem at hand.

Sam is not trying to come off as racist but to tell people what is racist and really express her feelings and her concerns where she otherwise would not be allowed to.

The school’s administration also turns a blind eye to the racism happening at the school, which may come as a shock when one learns the president is black. The administration is willing to be paid off to turn a blind eye to what the minority students want, and the school president only finally realizes the magnitude of the problem when his son a student at Winchester gets a gun pulled on him at a protest.

The show also demonstrates how some white people are mistreated by the black community such as Sam’s white boyfriend who is treated very poorly by the black community when all he wants to do is help.

It also exemplifies police brutality toward blacks by a campus cop pulling a gun on an unarmed black student at a party.

Overall, the show should help open eyes to see that racism is still alive.

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