Still looking for a date? Try one of these proposals

1. Poster: It is the complete go-to when deciding when, where and who for the perfect prom date. Match a clever or catchy saying, slap it on a poster, add a little decoration and you’re set for a cute promposal.

2. Sticky Notes: This is an easy and inexpensive way to land a prom date. Be creative with your promposal too. Spell PROM out on a car or in a driveway. Write prom on every Sticky Note, etc.

3. With a Pet: Cats and dogs and goldfish, oh my! These have been some trendy, cute and simple ideas for promposals. Attach a cute note to a collar, come up with a catchy phrase or just simply ask with your best pet pal, “Prom?”

4. Fav food: How could anyone say no to their favorite food AND snagging a date to prom? Take your guy or gal out to a fancy dinner, slide the napkin over with the words “prom” and watch their eyes gleam with a smile.  Or, grab some Chick-fil-A and write out your proposal on the bag.  It’s simple, spontaneous and sweet.

5. Flowers: A bouquet of flowers can always brightens someone’s day. Stop by a local flower shop and pick up roses, daisies, tulips, any kind and pop the question.

6. Fav Drink: Going along with the favorite foods idea, a promposal doesn’t have to be big and elaborate.  Simply writing “Prom?” on a favorite Gatorade, starbucks order, etc.

7. Balls: Do you have the balls to ask a date to prom? Spell out prom with basketballs, tennis balls, volleyballs, etc.  Write on a softball/baseball and be creative with it and show that potential date what you got.

8. Balloons: It may be a little cliche but, hey, that’s OK! Write the special four words on balloons, fill their bedroom up and pop the question. Be creative. This is a trendy, inexpensive and cute way to set up a date for May

9. Through Song: This promposal may not have a lot of takers, especially when you may not have the finest singing voice around town but hey, don’t let that stop you. Recreate his or hers favorite song into a promposal and watch them melt.

10. Pictures: This one may take a little time, but it would sure be worth the effort. Print off the pictures of special moments and fun times with the person you will be asking and spell out “Prom?” It will touch his or her heart and make prom worthwhile.

Prom Announcements

Attention all juniors and seniors, prom is right around the corner.  Prom will be held at Electric Park Ballroom in Waterloo.

Search through your favorite childhood pictures, high school memories and team photos to share at Post Prom. Be creative, and submit as many photos as you would like and make sure to write your full name on the back.

The pictures submitted must be G-rated, mailed to Parents Who Care at 1015 Division Street or email any photos to

Also be sure to take care of all fines, tardies and detentions before May 13, or else you will not be able to attend prom.

Tickets for Post Prom, Starry Nights, will be sold in advance at school’s front office for $5 and at the door for $10.  They will go on sale Monday, May 8 through Friday, May 12 before school and at lunch.

Post Prom will run from midnight to 4 a.m. There will be food (pizza, subs Chick-fil-A and desserts), a knockerball tournament, a hypnotist, a photobooth and more games, so join in for some fun.

All junior and senior students along with their dates are invited to Starry Nights post prom, regardless of whether they attended prom.

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