Peet experimenting with hallway tunes

On Friday of April 21, students at Peet Junior High were accompanied to their classes by the sound of music flooding through the intercom. The idea came from Peet Associate Principal Justin Urbanek, and the music seemed to promote more positive energies to students, with songs that sent messages for people to be more happy and confident or to just lift their spirits in general.

The music was also a surprise for everyone, and the reactions from students appeared to be mixed. Students were seen either dancing along to the music or scrunching their faces in dissatisfaction.

A reason for students disliking this new addition to their day at school might’ve been that they simply just wanted to get to class without other students getting riled up. Others said that it seemed a bit cheesy. “It’s the type of thing you would see in a movie,” Alyssa Joyce, a Peet student, said. “I think they kind of expected the whole school to break out into a flashmob.”

Song requests made by students or teachers on what they want to hear might be a good way to make it enjoyable for everyone, but, of course, everyone’s taste in music is different.

The music seemed to be a way for the school to bring more energy and liveliness to the environment. Even teachers were dancing and trying to spread more positivity. “It personally lightened my day and sort of took some edge off,” Joyce said. “I think it kind of shifted the mood around the school and made everyone a little happier.”

Because school can be very stressful, especially during testing, Joyce said that the music might’ve been a way for the school to help students relax. “It’s getting close to the end of the year, and everyone is pretty stressed out right now, so they probably wanted to have a fun thing to help us get a little loose,” Joyce said.

Overall, most can agree that the music was a good way to end the week. “I just thought it was a really fun thing,” Joyce said. “It was great to have a release between every class period and just jam out.”

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