New, furry friends can teach owners some lessons on life

Air fresheners are important

If I could warn all potential ferret owners of one thing, it would be the horrid smell ferrets give off. Cleaning their cage becomes a daily task, and an unpleasant one at that. First, you purchase your ferret. Then, before you know it, your entire house is filled with the scent of rotten fish and urine. Air fresheners only do so much, but they are so important.

Scratches are inevitable

Due to the curious nature of ferrets, it’s common for them to crawl all over you, leaving little scratch marks behind. Well, in all honesty, these scratch marks aren’t so little. Sometimes it feels as if they leave ginormous gashes across your body on purpose, laughing at you with their little devilish smiles. In your ferret’s eyes, you are simply another toy ready to be climbed on.

Intelligence is not just a human characteristic

Ferrets are some pretty dang smart animals. They know where to do their business from the moment they’re put in their cage, and they know where to sleep based on where you put their beds. However, despite how smart they are, they still manage to fall off beds multiple times in a row, as if they have fun doing so.

Bite marks last forever

Perhaps one of the cutest parts of a ferret is their teeth — until they bite you. These little devils can actually crush bone with their jaws, prompting a nice little hospital trip. The worst part is that they don’t understand when you tell them “no.” Either that, or they do understand, but think biting is hilarious.

Loneliness will 

never occur

Despite the craziness that comes with having ferrets, one thing is for sure: they will never leave you alone. Whether it be two in the morning or five in the afternoon, ferrets will always be ready to play with you. Somehow, they have the power to turn a bad day upside down, no matter how much trouble they get into.

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