Principles of Clean Eating: Simple steps in daily diet choices can lead to big results

With the attempt of balancing between homework, attendance and sports, a similar high school student’s eating schedule may look something like this: skip breakfast, two McChickens for lunch, frozen pizza after school and some type of leftovers around 10 at night.

Achieving stability and maintaining health is something the vast majority of individuals long for, but where to begin?

Developing a healthy and satisfying eating schedule may be much easier than we thought and well worth it. After all, eating just might be the top hobby shared amongst young adults.

1. Use Visually Pleasing Utensils for Your Meals 

After attending a friend’s household who owns square plates, I found that I would much rather eat off of her plates rather than the ones in my cupboards. Not only did the food improve in appearance, it gave me an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. Science is my only explanation for this newly discovered phenomena. Either way, it makes me much more excited to eat and prepare beautiful foods.

2. Gradually Remove the Toxics 

Ranch dressing is by far my greatest weakness when it comes to food. This dressing has motivated countless trips to Texas Roadhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings and Village Inn. However, when I decided it was time to revamp my eating habits, breaking my unhealthy relationship with this food acted as my gateway to further eliminations. I have since removed all other dairy products, but the initial removal of ranch made the withdrawal of the other products substantially easier.

3. Alter Your Favorite Foods 

I will always be a firm believer that eating should be enjoyable. In addition to that, I do not plan on giving up my favorite meals. Since changing my eating habits, I have discovered easy alterations of dishes that are still delicious. Rather than swinging through the McDonald’s drive thru for a medium fry, try cutting a potato, mixing it with olive oil and adding pepper or light salt. I have also found other swaps such as the superfood cacao rather than chocolate, homemade avocado spread rather than ketchup and ranch, and frozen bananas mixed with fruit rather than ice cream.

4. Make Time for Breakfast

Skipping the first meal of the day leads to a groggy morning and a painful longing for power hour to roll around. Waking up 30 minutes early has allotted time for me to make a decent sized meal and has allowed me to sit down to enjoy as well. Getting out of bed in the morning is never enjoyable, but knowing I will get to fuel my body with good food has made the process less painful.

5. Dedicate Yourself to One Week 

Doing a 180 on your eating lifestyle does not come without difficulties and occasional slipups. Start with a small goal and plan on staying dedicated with that time.  Try one week of cleaner eating and a schedule. After this short time period you may find that your energy, happiness and overall body feel exponentially better, which may motivate you to keep going. Do not set yourself up for failure with difficult and intimidating expectations. Your body is worth all the attempts it takes to find the correct foods and develop a healthy, rounded lifestyle.

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