In Zelda, these five items among toughest to claim

In the series known as “The Legend of Zelda,” the hero, Link, obtains many items. From a bow, to bombs, to a simple sword and shield, he has many weapons of choice. However, some of these items are not as simple to get as other. These are the top five hardest items to get throughout “The Legend of Zelda” series. This list will include items, upgrades and anything optional that is not required to beat the game, but is helpful.

In the position of number five is the Biggoron sword from “The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time 3D.” This item might not seem like that big of an idea, as sword wielding is Links’ main way of fighting. However, this sword is totally optional.

When first entering the area where this sword is obtainable, you can buy an item known as the “Biggoron knife.” This is a fake, however, and breaks after a certain amount of time.

To obtain the true item, you must do a long and somewhat difficult side quest. This quest requires you to do many timed events without use of your teleportation power, which makes it even harder. However, if you are able to bear through all that and get the sword, it does massive damage, though it makes you move slower. As its not too hard, it gets the place of number five.

In the position of number four is the Lv2 sword in “The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons and/or Oracle of Ages.” This sword is not required, but it does help a ton in the game itself. As in most RPGs, the higher level a weapon is, the better it is. This weapon is not hard per say to get, but it is more annoying.

Once again, it’s a trading quest. What makes this hard is that, the side quest starter is completely out of the way of the main adventure. As this is a 2D Zelda game, you usually go from point A to point B with little trouble. Due to this, you don’t explore much unless you must do something in the area to trigger the dungeons opening. With little exploration done unless you’re a completionist, there is a small chance you’ll find the starter to the trade quest, let alone the entire quest.

The third items down on this list are the quiver upgrades in most 3D Zelda games. I group these together because most the time, they are obtained in the same way. In most games, you, in some way, play a minigame. Most the time, it’s a simple target shooting mini game. They are simple enough, but this is another one that is more annoying. On rare occasions you’ll have to buy the upgrade. This is not hard, per say, but they are quite pricy in the games that tend to not give you a lot of money. While the quiver upgrade is not hard,  it is difficult enough to be mentioned on this list.

The second item on this is the boomerang. More specially for this item, I will be narrowing it down to, once again, “The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages and Seasons.”

As the boomerang is mostly a dungeon item, these two games are one of the few games to break that pattern. To get the Lv1 boomerang in these games, you must do a dance with corresponding gorons or subrosians. The dances are very similar and show very few, if any, differences, but they are equally annoying. You must match the beat and if you mess up once, you have to start all over.

The hardest part is you don’t know how many you have to get right to get the item, and while in “Oracle of Seasons,” it’s free, so the only thing you’re “spending” is time. In “Oracle of Ages,” you have to pay, and that adds up.

Overall, this is another item that is more annoying than hard to get. This item is optional, as in both these games, you get the Lv2 boomerang as a dungeon item. The benefit of getting it early is just having it early.

The final item on this list is Fierce Deity mask from “The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3D.” In “Majora’s Mask,” as implied, masks give you power, and as such, this is the most powerful mask in the game. However, as with all items, it requires a lot of work to get. To get this specific mask, you must collect every other mask in the game. It sounds easy, but there are roughly 24 masks in the game. While many of these are required or in the route to where you’re going, many of them require you to do odd things or things you might not want to do. From mini games to long side quests, you will have to do a lot of work. The thing that makes this harder is the game’s special three-day time limit. While you can reset time at any time, if you’re just about to finish a quest, you have to reset time and re-do all that.

On to the mask itself, it is amazing and all, but there is a catch, much like all powerful items. This item’s catch is that it can only be used when facing a boss. This may seem pointless, but bosses are re-fightable, and you can get this before the final boss of the main story. To add to this, to get the mask you must also complete four very hard and annoying mini-dungeons. Overall, this item is both hard and annoying to get.

In conclusion, Link has many equipable items. Some are easy to get, such as his swords. Some are harder to get, or even impossibly hard. However, overall, all of his items are worth getting. Link has very few worthless items, and so there is no item not worth getting. As long as you have patience, you can get all these items with ease.

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