Game Day Approaching: Nintendo fans waiting to see if Switch lives up to hype

As of only a few months ago, the Switch was announced. For those who don’t know, the Switch is the next console in the Nintendo’s franchise, but it’s also a handheld. While this is difficult to explain. This is supposed to revolutionary, since it’s a game console and a handheld. With a new system, there are new hopes. Here are the top five hopes for Nintendo Switch.

The first and not very important hope is under hype of game releases. There were a few released titles, some people were hyped for, such as the new Legend of Zelda game, and some not so hyped, like 1-2 switch, which is an odd game, to put simply. No one really knows what it is, but what it looks like is a bunch of mini-games.

The Switch will come with two mini controllers, of sorts, and the trailer shows that some of the games you can play include table tennis, guitar battles and weirdest of all, one of those draw shoot games. If you don’t know what that is, to put simply, both players shoot, and the timer shows who shot faster, and the faster time wins.

The next hope for the Nintendo Switch is new games for old series. For example, the recent Pokemon game lagged like heck on even the newest model of 3ds (The 3ds XL). Due to this, people are hoping Pokemon moves to the Switch because the Switch will handle the graphics better. Since it is technically a handheld and Pokemon is mainly for handhelds, it is very likely Pokemon will be moved to the Switch.

Another high hope is for older games to be backward compatible with the Switch. If you don’t know what this means, it basically means something older works on a newer object. An example of this is how the Wii U plays Wii games, or the 3DS game plays ds games. People’s hope is that many games will be backward compatible with the Switch.

Another hope is not super high but is up there: better battery life. The main problem with a handheld is there is a limited battery before you must charge it, much like most wireless devices. What people hope is that because this is half console, the battery life will be good. Since consoles don’t rely on a battery and are instead plugged in, people hope this will improve the battery life.

The second to last hope is the other side of the first thing listed, overhyped. Now, the game that is pretty overhyped as of now is “Super Mario Odyssey.” Very little was shown for this brand new Mario game, but what was shown got Mario fans hyped. The little bit that was shown was Mario running around random areas that looked like real-world places. This is odd for a Mario game, but it has fans interested. The only hope, or more likely fear, is that this game doesn’t turn out to be terrible.

The final thing people are hoping for is a better online feature. Both consoles and handhelds have their own version of online play. However, as of now, it is confirmed you’ll have to pay for online play with the Switch. Due to this, the hope is that it’s greatly improved.

With handhelds, the multiplayer is nothing exciting, mostly dueling or stuff along those lines. With consoles, the most well known online feature is in games like GTA or Call of Duty. With these games, you have chat through your headphone. Nintendo does not do this due to its young audience and the risk of them getting cussed out by older people by being in an online chat. People hope due to you having to pay, the Switch’s online feature will be a balance of these two.

With the Switch out Tuesday March 3, it is close. Due to this, tensions are running high. Will the Switch be worth the wait? Will all our hopes come true? Only time will tell.

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