20 under $20: Follow these suggestions for easy, affordable Valentine’s Day gifts

Stuffed Animal

There are a variety of stuffed animals that are not only, yes, cheesy but a great idea. At Walmart, starting at $10, you can find the original teddy bear for your significant, giraffes, monkeys, puppies, etc.


Starting at $15 at Walmart, you could go with a traditional bouquet of roses that is very popular on Valentine’s day or pick out your significant other’s favorite kind of flower.


You can’t go wrong with shopping local. Downtown offers two popular sweet stores, Main Street Sweets and Chocolaterie. At Main Street Sweets there is a variety of fudge (by weight), truffles ($2.50 each) and moonshine bars ($3 each) and a wide range of candy. Heart shaped boxes of all kinds of chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries and samples are displayed at Chocolaterie.

Personalize It

From personalized photo cards, mugs, photo books and keychains (all gifts range from $10-$15 at Walmart), this is a perfect gift from the heart.

Write a letter

It costs $0 to write a letter from the heart to your significant other. It will mean a lot to write down memories and feelings, and it is a good keepsake.


Grab an engraved name or initial necklace at Walmart for only $18. Gold or silver, this is a nice gift for a lovey dovey holiday.

Care Package

Buy their favorite candies, snacks, drinks, print off pictures, etc. Pack anything that makes you think of them or their favorite things into a box and decorate to make them smile.

Make It

Make them their favorite treat or dinner to show not only you know their favorites but also show off your cooking skills.

“Open When…”

Open When cards have been very popular, especially in teenage/young adult relationships.  To give an example, one would write a letter for how many cards you want to make for your significant other, “Open when … you’re upset” or “Open when … you miss me,” etc.

Date Jar

Write down a variety of dates ideas, some that you want to do with your partner and some that your significant other would want to do as well. This is a cute and well known, popular and creative idea.

Candy Bouquet

Stop down at Main Street Sweets and order a candy bouquet, personalized for your significant other or just a plain Valentine’s one in the store. Pricing depends on what is on the bouquet, whether it is ordered or bought in store.


With the win of the Patriots this last weekend, stop down to any sports shop and purchase a super bowl winner’s sweatshirt, shirt, hat, etc. Think of their favorite team, music singer/group — any favorite of there’s is a good idea for a gift.


No, not engagement! Promise rings are very popular, promising to be loyal, commit and be with only them, promise rings could mean a variety of different things. Spoil them with bling, starting at $8-$20 at Claire’s.

Picture Frame

Can be found at Target, Walgreens, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, etc. This is a great gift that can be kept for a long time. Choose a photo and pick a frame for a nice gift.

Movie Tickets

Movies dates are always a go to, especially when a good selection is out. Stop by your local theater and purchase tickets, a gift card, snack cards and more for a good date night gift.

Night on the Town

If you’re not into cooking or burn every food in sight, dressing up and taking your boyfriend or girlfriend out to their favorite restaurant is definitely a go to date idea.


It’s a little old fashioned, but take your favorite songs as a couple and burn them onto a CD or make them a playlist. If you’re not on the tech savvy side of things, write down songs and song lyrics that make you think of your boyfriend or girlfriend and place them in a jar.


There are a wide variety of earrings at Walmart and Claire’s starting at $8-$20, a traditional Valentine’s gift.

Sweet Snacks

Again, you can’t go wrong with shopping local, and a sweet treat is always a go to. Scratch Cupcakery offers a wide range of cupcakes, smoothies, shakes and more. What’s Poppin also has a variety of yummy popcorn flavors downtown.

Gift Card

If you are one of many indecisive shoppers or have no clue what to buy your significant other, a gift card is the best option. Purchasing a gift card to downtown, the mall or their favorite store is a good idea.

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