Finsta finding social media fans for those sharing ‘silly’ sides

Social media is everywhere you go, and if you look away for one second, something new pops up onto your news feed. The newest crave in the social media world is Finsta (aka fake Instagram accounts). Finstas are joke accounts on Instagram that are beside your “real” account and aren’t meant to post aesthetically pleasing or attractive pictures.

With Finsta, there are no judgements, no posed pictures and everyone posts whatever comes to their minds. Finstas allow people to express themselves in a comfortable, fun environment.

Class President Jorgensen overheard from her cousin and her close friends how fun having a Finsta account was and she wanted to experience one herself. Jorgensen said, “This is something that I would enjoy doing, just being silly and being able to post really dumb selfies. I wanted to be funny and express my creativity. That is why I created a Finsta account.”

Junior Sydney Brustkern also created an Instagram because she overheard how much fun her friends were having with their Finstas, and she wanted to discover the trend for herself. Brustkern said, “It wasn’t really popular, but then I got one, and now I know a lot of other people who now have one. It’s really fun, and, personally, I think it is better than ‘rinsta’ (aka real instagram).”

Senior Summer Pieters created a Finsta account because she thought it was quirky, and she thought it would be a funny place to post funny, non serious things. She also thought of Finsta as a way to communicate with friends. Pieters said, “I looked at it as another way to talk to my friends and be foolish with other people.” Pieters said Finsta is a very fun environment to see other people’s goofy sides.

Jorgensen, Brustkern and Pieters all believe that Finsta accounts are a positive way to interact with others and show your personality on social media. Jorgensen explained, “I haven’t seen Finsta used in a negative way, and I think it is mostly used as a way to express people’s humor sides that you wouldn’t see on their ‘real’ accounts.”

Brustkern said, “Yeah, I think that it’s a positive thing because you only have specific people that follow you, and it’s very fun to post fun things with your buddies.”

Pieters said the humor is self-directed. “Finstas aren’t created to make fun of people, but kind of to make fun of yourself and be goofy.”

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