Entrepreneurship’s campaign coming to close today

In a room buzzed a busy group of students working away on their multitude of jobs to get done before the time to sell was afoot. This is the usual pattern that Julie Cuvelier’s entrepreneurship class takes as their semester starts to come to a close.

“I have only one class this semester,” Cuvelier said. “We had to turn lots of people away, but there will be three classes next spring.”

The main class project is the end of semester sale. This semester’s class didn’t let any of the usual expectations fall. Their company, Yo Dawwwwwwwg Inc, came out with a design in two different color patterns: red and grey as well as black and white as shown below. They come in both a sweatshirt as well as a long sleeved shirt in either design.

With so many jobs to take part in, there wasn’t a single person that wasn’t important to the task of overtaking the project. Taking a big leadership role, junior Caitlynn Smith was elected by popular vote to become class vice president, and then he took her leadership role a step higher when she chose to become the class president.

“I do many things, some of which include helping to lead the class in decisions, making suggestions to the class and making sure everything runs cleanly and properly,” Smith said.

There were lots of steps to take before sales began, from deciding on a company name and logo to choosing a T-shirt design and its colors and multiple to more aspects of business making.

“One of the biggest struggles I have had to partake in while taking this class is deciding on what exactly we were going to sell, and in what colors we were going to sell it,” Smith said. “We wanted to be able to have a market that appealed to all genders and sizes. Finding a product to do all of that was particularly challenging.”

The group is accomplishing that goal by already making $370 in sales. Their selling period ends at the end of the day this Friday, Dec. 9 with a planned delivery of all items by the end of next week, just in time for the Christmas holidays.

A portion of profits will be given back as a community support item that is still to be decided by the group.

“Last semester was a donation to the Kime Family and a donation to Do Better, Be Better,” Cuvelier said. “This year I anticipate some thoughts due to the flood and helping Red Cross.”

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