Athlete of the Week: Sam Reinart, Swimming

Sam Reinart Is a junior on the men’s swim team. He started off as a freshmen with almost no swimming experience, but it has not stopped him from going to State in his junior year and now is on the track to go again this year with his first place finishes in the 50 freestyle, 500 freestyle and anchoring the 400 freestyle relay during Tuesday’s meet at home against Waterloo. He is ready to keep scoring points for the team moving them higher into the ranks.

How did you get started on the swim team?

“My older brother Daniel Reinart swam on the team for his high school career, and then my mom pushed me to do a sport, and swimming was the first one to come to mind.”

What made you want to continue swimming?

“Well, my first year, I kept on improving and getting better. My mom mentioned that I should go to Blast over to summer just to get ready for the season.”

What is something you can take away from the swim team that you believe you can use in the future?

“I guess one thing that I am going to take away is like the feeling of being a part of a team like swim is not an individual sport, no matter how much it feels like it is. Like you’re a part of the team, not only that but you have to be a leader for the team.”

Where do you see yourself going this season, and what are your goals for it?

“Looking forward to going to State this year again, and I am hoping that I can go for all of my events, as well as get all three of our relays in this year.”

What are practices like for you?

“Mornings are hard to get used to, but they are there to help us get better throughout the season. Afternoon practices are more like intense training I would say. We do more things as a team as well as helping each other get better.”

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