Athlete of the Week: Emily Barth

Senior Emily Barth is has been a captain for the women’s team for the past three years. At Maple Lanes against Iowa City West on Friday, Dec. 9, she scored a 429-point series, taking her almost to the top of the scores. It was also the first time the team had a 400 series in a regular meet in the past two years.

What got you started in bowling?

“Almost all of my family bowls and I grew up at bowling alleys my whole life. I never really decided that bowling was something I wanted to do seriously to start with, but I’m glad my family had gotten me into it.”

And how does it feel when you get a good score?

“Well, we all have our own definition for a ‘good score,’ and everyone reacts in a different way. For me, I just look for my family to let them know, and I’m obviously really happy about it, but I can’t think about it too much as the team moves into bakers. But when the team scores really well, the first person I look for is my best friend, as I know she will be just as excited or at least almost as excited as I am. Last week when I was yelling her name down the bowling alley after we scored a 2968.”

How has this season looked for yourself so far, and what are your goals for this season?

“This season is looking great so far. We already are hitting new highs as a team since our coach Scott Holman has come to CF. We’re really looking to improve and not only make it to State but to finally accomplish as a team a goal we’ve had for years since most of our varsity team are seniors this year. It’s a bittersweet moment to look back and see how much we have grown together these past four years.”

Where do you see bowling taking you in your future?

“I plan on bowling in college next year. I currently have two offers, and I am indecisive about where I want to go.“


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