20 Under $20

By Tehya Tournier

Out of time for gift ideas? Follow these suggestions to holiday bliss

1. Tini Me Winter Wonderland bath bombs: If the person you’re shopping for loves the relaxation in life, be sure to stop by Target and pick up this calming gift for only $3.

2. Que Bella Face Mask: Another gift that helps unwind and de-stress someone is a face mask. Que Bella Face Masks sell a small packet that can be used up to two or three times, and this is sold at Target for $2.

3. Eos lotion kit: This kit is packed in with a full bottle of lotion; a hand sized lotion for on the go that fit in a purse, backpack, etc.; and an eos lip balm sold at Target for $8.

4. Fuzzy socks: This fun gift full of warmth is sold at many stores like Target, Walgreens, American Eagle, etc. At American Eagle, men’s and women’s fuzzy socks range from $5-8 and will be on sale through the holiday season.

5. Baby Lips chapstick: Keeping your lips fresh and smooth, especially during this cold winter in Iowa, can be tough. If you need a good idea for small gifts or a stock stuffer, Baby Lips sold at Walgreens for $5 is a nice to to keep lips from getting chapped.

6. Fudge Box: Sweets is an all time great gift for a sweet tooth you know. One piece of fudge is sold at Main Street Sweets downtown for $3.25 a piece, and if you buy four pieces, you get two for free. Make sure to sprinkle a little sweetness for someone during the holiday season.

7. Star Wars mug: In honor of the new Star Wars movie that has just recently been released, get that special someone, family member or friend a mug that he or she won’t forget. This creative idea also comes with a packet of hot chocolate that is sold at Walmart for $9.

8. Nike Socks: This is perfect gift for any guy or girl. Cozy and perfect for any practice, any type of Nike Elites or socks is reasonably priced for a range of $14-18 at Scheels, the perfect stocking stuffer or gift.

9. Baseball caps/beanies: Find $10-12 hats at American Eagle for a fun fashion statement and to be cozy, only on sale for this holiday season.

10. Color Me Stress Free Adult Coloring book: With Christmas coming, finals will also be stressing students out as well. Purchasing a stress free coloring cook can channel the inner kid of the gift receiver and put a smile on his or her face. It can be found at Target for $13.

11. Sunglasses: Even though the sun in not yet shining, fashionable sunglasses can be a great gift to a loved one, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend or sibling. Found at American Eagle in College Square Mall or online for only $10.

12. Apple Earpods: Though each person is given a set when buying an iphone, many people lose the one thing that helps get them through the day. Get the exact copy earpods at Walmart for $10.

13. Video games: If you’re not sure what type to buy or how much to spend on one game, Walmart has a $10 section of video games to get for a quick and easy present.

14. Ecotools Bamboo Brush Set: A six-piece eye brush set goes for $9 at any local Walgreens in the makeup section. What a perfect gift to help blend makeup for your girlfriend, best friend or sister.

15. Water Bottle: You can find any insulated squeeze Gatorade water bottle at Scheels for $6, Camelbak for $20 and Polar Insulated water bottles for $13. One can also purchase Ello water bottles for $15 that keep water cold throughout the day or any sports practice at Target.

16. Book: Not many but some high schoolers actually read outside of class. Find cheap and interesting books at the Friends Book Nook located in the Cedar Falls Public Library.  Magazines and other finds can be found at the local University Book and Supply, Barnes and Noble or Limited Edition Comics.

17. Tumblr’s: This is just like a Yeti that holds and keeps any liquid fresh, but it is a lot cheaper. You can contact Michele Green if you’re interested in purchasing a Cedar Falls Tumblr for a gift or find sports teams at Scheels, usually ranging from $15-20.

18. Lanyard: For all the things teenagers and adults lose, keys would by far be the worst. To help solve the problem, it’s an easy and cheap give for girls and guys of any age. Nike, Under Armour, plain colors and sports team lanyards can be bought for around $6 at either Scheels or Dicks Sporting Goods.

19. Headbands: For the everyday look or everyday practice, thick, thin, you name it. Headbands are the perfect choice for a holiday gift. Ranging from $10-15, you can find any brand of any color at Scheels or Dicks Sporting Goods.

20. Gift Cards: If you’re an indecisive shopper or haven’t found any idea on this list helpful,  and you’re not sure what would make a good present for the special someone sibling or parent, gift cards are a perfect way to go. Get however much you want to spend at almost any store.

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