Scholastic contest open for entries

By Andrew Nickey

Every year Scholastic hosts a scholarship competition for students to submit their art and writing for a chance to win scholarships. Multiple scholarship opportunities are available, as well as awards for certain categories of writing and art.

“It helped that there were other people evaluating it, and helping me pull it together,” said previous Silver Key winner, junior Zosia Charley.

“It really just gives students the chance to write what they want to write, as opposed to how schools normally go about scheduling assignments, due dates and strict guidelines. It also gives them the chance to experience other people’s writing that are at their level, which is something that they don’t normally get to do,” English teacher Michelle Rathe said.

“It definitely inspired me to be better,” Charley said, regarding the benefits of entering the contest.

To enter work, students have to visit the Scholastic art and writing awards website, make an account and submit the work. Creative works including poetry, short stories, drawings and paintings. A $10 submission fee is required for each work

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