Food Fighters

By Claire Sabino

In the epic powderpuff volleyball game on Monday, Oct. 24, the teachers snagged their third consecutive title and by playing contributed to the food drive to help those in hunger.

The sophomore boys lost in three sets to the staff, yet trumped the seniors in two sets. The juniors beat the seniors overall, yet they went neck and neck with the teachers, who eventually rose victorious. The seniors lost to the sophomores and the juniors.

A huge asset of the winner team, counselor Chris Wood, openly said, “To be honest, I got dominated this year. Both the sophomore and junior teams came out to play this year, and their blocking game was on point, credit to them. Overall, our team persevered. Mrs. Luensmann was key per usual, but some big serving streaks from Mr. Becker and Mrs. Urbanek carried us through some tough times. Some timely diving saves from Mr. Wiechmann, and a few key sets from Mrs. Wilkinson helped us clinch our third straight title.”

In response to how he felt about his personal performance, Brandon Nelson, of the near victorious juniors said,  “I knew I wasn’t going to be very good and made some mistakes throughout the games, but I felt like I got better after playing a couple of sets, and I made some good plays that helped my team to do well.”

Of his performance, sophomore Justin Campbell said, “I feel I performed to the best of my ability … which wasn’t very good, but I would have to say I really performed well at the score table and motivating my team.”

In similar thinking, Lucas DeWitt of the seniors said, “Honestly speaking, I’m quite bad at volleyball, so I was pleasantly surprised with my below average play.”

One of the seniors coaches, Elizabeth Relph, admitted that, “The senior boys played great in the first game against the juniors, but we got a little overconfident the second game and just couldn’t keep up.”

But Relph looked past this quickly in saying that, “Even though we didn’t get the wins we were hoping for, I think we all still had fun. If I’m honest, I’m very impressed with some of the guys’ volleyball skills. I coached my sophomore year as well, and even though the experience can be stressful and really hectic, I haven’t laughed that much in a while. Watching them react to their own plays and mistakes is funny no matter who scores the point.”

One of Campbell’s coaches, Emily Hayes, said she was “very proud of how we did in such little time to prepare. They were all super into the game and wanted to go in.  I would want to coach again. It’s for a great cause, and it’s fun. We didn’t really train. The guys are all very athletic, so they could all jump and swing. We did have a mini practice during power hour yesterday and another one before the games. It was all very low pressure and fun.”

For DeWitt the highlight moment on the court was “Josh (Wason) getting ejected by Tayah. I will hand it to Josh, though. I questioned some of those calls, and I am appealing the outcome.”

For Nelson, he said, “beating the seniors was fun, but my highlight of the night was taking the first set against the staff,” and Campbell simply said his highlight was “easily winning.” Winning isn’t everything unless you’re a powderpuff volleyball man.

Overall, the school raised $780 with several jars of peanut butter being donated too.

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