Actions trump words: Clintons need to answer for their own scandals

After the leak of a decade-old tape in which Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump makes expletive and crude remarks about sexual assault and women, many big-name Republicans have withdrawn support, and have even called for a replacement nominee. Some of these Republicans include Carly Fiorina, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz to name a few.

These people need to put the country first, before their own political careers.

“I can’t in good conscious vote for Trump,” said Virginia Representative Barbara Comstock. My question is, can you in good conscious let a lying, criminal win the White House? All of these so called “conservatives” claim voting Trump would go against their morals, but I guess letting a woman who lied to the families of the four brave Americans killed in Benghazi win this election doesn’t.

I’m sick and tired of hearing Republican leadership talk about the values they want in their nominee. They lost their chance. They could’ve supported Ted Cruz, a righteous man if there ever was one. Instead they supported Trump or did nothing, so they need to live with their decisions. There is no going back or replacing Trump. We have to support him no matter what against Hillary Clinton.

Now on the leaked tape, what Trump said was wrong and horrible and there is no defending it. What he said were words and not actions. Now we can’t say that about Bill Clinton. Let’s not forget the actions of Hillary’s husband in the Paula Jones case or Juanita Broaddrick.

The media, and everyone else is blasting Trump for making a joke about sexual assault, but no one in the liberal media is upset that Bill Clinton actually did them. Hillary is supposed to be this champion of women, but yet she defends her husband and calls his victims liars.

According to Democrats, these remarks enable “rape culture,” but yet they suddenly forget about the rapist of an 11-year-old girl that Hillary defended in court.

Republicans need to support the nominee, Donald Trump; they had their chance with different candidates such as Cruz, and now they have to stick by their decision and support him no matter what. The tapes are awful, but they are 11 years old, and never brought about any physical harm. Unfortunately, Bill Clinton cannot say the same thing.

Hillary is not a champion of women, she is the champion of corruption, deception and intimidation. Let’s send Hillary to the Big House this November, not the White House.

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