CF Library has something for everyone

By Noah Forker

When going downtown, the library isn’t probably the first place you want to go. Despite the idea of “teenagers hate reading, and that’s all a library is,’ you’re wrong. The library has a great teen zone, a little kid zone if you need to dump your little brother/sister off somewhere and many other charming features.

One of the library’s main attractions for high schoolers is the teens zone. In this awesome area, there is a small table where you can play board games or do homework. Next, the library has a Wii and Xbox set up for use as long as the adviser is in there. They also have nice desktops for use for up to three hours or more.

Finally, for all you Pokemon Go players, there’s a Pokestop in the library, and the teen zone is where they mark what team is in control of their gym, so even if you don’t see yourself as regular library user, you can go to take over their Pokemon Go gym.

Moving on, if you have a little brother or sister that likes the place, they have a fun area they can play in, and if you’re into it, you can play with them too. They have Lego’s, trains, a play house, a puppet show area and lots of other fun little things. Little kids can also use the computers as long as those below third grade are supervised by an adult. Best part is, if you’re of a certain age, you can use one of these computers with your brother or sister.

Finally, we move upstairs to the “adult area.” Upstairs there are lots of books, of course, but this is also where the CDs are found for check out and most movies are and also, the video games.

You can check out two video games per card for up to a week. It’s a very nice thing, and they have some games that are very expensive to buy.

There are also computers, just like downstairs. Moving even further along, if you have a huge test coming up, they have three study rooms in the back you can go in, spread your supplies out in and study. These rooms are not soundproof but still work well for whatever you might want to do.

From the exciting teen zone to the fun-filled kids zone to the upstairs area, the library has a lot of options. The options listed are only some of the many things you can do there as they hold movie events, puppet shows for little kids and other fun events throughout the year.

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