Some NARS offerings still worth hype

By: Daphne Becker

I have found that when it comes to makeup, people have a hard time picking out what brands to try and if the products are worth the hype. Nars costs a pretty penny, is it worth it?

About the brand and its products:

•      Does not test on animals.

Some products contain animal derivatives, but Nars is always working to find ways around them.

May contain gluten. If that is a concern, Nars recommends you consult your physician.

This is not a vegan brand.

For safety, Nar’s products do contain parabens.

What the brand is known for:

If you watched beauty bloggers five years ago, you probably already know what products I’m going to talk about. Nars Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blush for the longest time was the hype of the Internet, and in some ways still is. Whenever I think of the brand Nars, these two are the first things that come to mind. Normally after this long, a blush or a bronzer would be discontinued, but not Laguna or Orgasm. They have withstood the test of time and remained a cult favorite of everyone. Orgasm is a pretty peach pink with a golden shimmer. Laguna is a diffused brown with a golden shimmer. Both sound perfect for the spring and summer in my opinion. But at $30 each, they aren’t something to just get on a splurge to buy.


My personal favorite:

Sadly, I do not own Orgasm or Laguna, but I do own a few Nars products, each of which I love. The Multiple in the color Copacabana is maybe my favorite natural highlighters. I use it every day, and it gives the prettiest natural glow. Because I’m not really one for “natural,” of course, I add more highlighter over it. But on days when I am feeling it, it gives the perfect amount of luminosity that doesn’t appear oily.

Now my All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation might just be in my opinion the best foundation ever, and I wear a lot of makeup, so saying that is not something I say lightly.

My face is both oily and dry, which, yes, is just the best thing ever. I really hope the sarcasm came out there. So to find something that is dry enough to fight the oil and luminous enough to not look like it is not very easy, but this foundation does just that.

But from some reviews I have seen, this is not a foundation for everybody. If you are thinking about purchasing this foundation I would recommend you watch reviews and listen to what people with a similar skin type say about it. [][].

Something special:

On the Nars website, any order over $50 gives you free shipping in the United States, which considering how expensive Nars is, you really can buy one or two things and get free shipping, which in my world rocks.

How you can buy:

Nars can be found in Sephora and on Sephora’s website, but like almost all brands, Nars has it’s own website you can order from. [ ][ ]


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