Oreos long on looks, short on performance

In this edition of Sole Food we will be dunking the Air Jordan 5 “Oreos” into a cold glass of critical attention as we take a look at several aspects of the shoe.

The Oreo 5 is a simple colorway on a classic silhouette. They are one of the most wearable sneakers in the game, inspired by one of the tastiest cookies in the game. So, let’s get to it.

First let’s take a look at the comfort of the Oreo 5s. One thing you need to know is that 5s run a bit big. Try going a half size down from what you usually wear. They are also wide and bulky, so they can make your feet look pretty huge. On top of all that, they are a fairly heavy shoe and can often get very hot inside. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them while doing a lot of walking/running. However, they do have plenty of room and a comfortable step. I’ll give the comfort a five out of 10.

Next, we’ll examine the style of the shoe. The Oreo 5 is colored exactly like an Oreo: black and white. It is wearable with just about anything casual. It has a unique, high top shape and a sweet paint speckle near the midsole. The buttery suede gives the shoe an interesting texture as well when the light bounces off it. It was a shoe that I could throw on and look good with any outfit. Overall, I give the style a nine out of 10.

Now, let’s talk about the performance of the shoe. Let’s just say that Nike is no longer making Air Jordans to accommodate for MJ’s high flying dunks. I would not recommend playing any sport in the Jordan 5. As mentioned earlier, they are very bulky and heavy. They since they are also wide, so this allows space for the feet to slide around and form blisters. I also noticed that the sole collects dust easily and does not provide a whole lot of traction. It’s a very immobile shoe. The only thing the 5s would be useful for is the ankle support they provide. They are definitely more of a shoe that you wear for looks than play. I’ll give the performance a dismal rating of three out of 10.

Finally, we’ll see how costly the Oreos are. They retailed for $170 back in 2013, which is decent for a pair of retros. You can find a new pair online for around $225, which isn’t a huge uptick in price. If you know where to look, you can find gently used pairs for well under retail. I got my pair for $100 in really good condition with the box. Although over $200 for a pair of shoes seems pricy, it’s pretty good in the world of Jordans. Overall, I give the price a seven out of 10.

In conclusion, the Jordan 5 Oreos are a very wearable shoe that will definitely catch some looks. However, due to its design, playing ball in them wouldn’t be the wisest choice. There has been a trend over time of Jordans becoming more of a fashion statement and less of a basketball shoe. It’s a sad truth, but at least we get to keep wearing our favorite J’s. Overall, I give the Oreos a six out of 10. Whatever you do, don’t dunk these Oreos in a glass of milk!

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