Battle of the Burritos: Seniors stand firm in passionate burrito rivalry

By: Ben Louviere

We live in a chaotic world, faced each day with decisions that will change the future forever. Dairy Queen or 4 Queens? Sidecar or Cup of Joe? Subway or Jimmy Johns? These are the questions which divide our society – pitting friend against friend, brother against brother. Perhaps the most polarizing conflict of all, however, is one’s allegiance to the burrito.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.24.25 AMPancheros Mexican Grill

Defended by: Senior Jacob Watters

Let’s be honest, we live in America and corporate food chains are one of the major aspects that define American culture. Eating at Pablo’s is not only a poor food choice but un-American. Pancheros creates the best burrito corporate America has to offer and sits at the pinnacle of the American burrito dream, so don’t be a communist. Eat Pancheros.

The freshly pressed tortillas offered at Pancheros surpass any tortilla experience that my taste buds have encountered. The warm, stretchy dough envelopes the expertly combined ingredients. While most burritos stay intact, the possible tear can occur when a customer creates a dangerously large burrito, but I can’t say I’ve ever been disappointed when this happens to me. After eating the burrito, I’m able to savor the delicious leftover remnants.

• While the vast majority of my burritos from Pancheros have been exquisite, sometimes a careless worker fails to mix my burrito thoroughly. In these rare circumstances, an occasional bite consists of merely rice/sour cream and tortilla, and my mind wanders to the unmixed atrocities that Pablo’s serves daily.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.24.57 AMPablos Mexican Grill

Defended by: Senior Sommer Danielsen

Pablo’s has won my heart because they use local, fresh ingredients and build burritos that consist of quality flavor … instead of creating a queso butterball. You can taste the freshness at Pablo’s.

• I understand this is controversial because Pancheros prides itself on fresh pressed tortillas, but let’s be honest, they break all the time, and they kind of have the stretchy consistency of skin. It’s gross.

I like that they don’t mix the burrito because it makes each bite unique, and if you mix it, your whole burrito tastes the same, like at Pancheros. Especially if you get the queso there, then it turns the whole thing into a sack of processed ingredient soup. That’s just no fun.

• What really makes Pablos special is their salsas. I love it because you can make your burrito taste so different each time. One day you could have verde and the next day you could have their smokey chipotle salsa. And you can always get such a unique specialty salsa, a lot of times with fruit like strawberries and apples. For Halloween, they had pumpkin salsa, and it was incredible.

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