Speech team sends two groups to All State

By: Zuhayr Alam

After a very successful competition at State on Feb. 6, the speech team is sending 11 students to All-State at Iowa State University on Feb. 20. The 11 students going to All-State make up two of the teams that qualified: group mime and musical theater.

Head coach Alex O’Connell is in his first season as head coach and said he is very proud of the season and the team.

“The season went very well. We added five more groups in addition to last year’s team,” O’Connell said. “The students grew a lot over the season, mostly in performing qualities and overall professionalism like learning how to work with a group and speaking in front of a crowd and becoming characters that they wouldn’t become on a normal basis.”

Senior Sydney Coloff agreed with O’Connell.

“Two groups from CF made it to All-State large group speech, which is exciting, which is a huge achievement,” Coloff said. “This year, two more groups made it to the State speech contest, which is very exciting.”

Senior Valentine Komen is part of the group mime team.

“We basically act out different scenes like other groups, but we have to pretend that there are physical things like tables and chairs,” Komen said. “Our group is about teen pregnancy.”

O’Connell looks forward to All-State and the future.

“At All-State, we want to go and enjoy the day by celebrating and congratulating the students that have earned the honor,” O’Connell said. “Going into the future, we’re looking to continue to build the program and keep students learning, engaged and enjoying speech.”

Komen is excited for All-State.

“I want to go out there and have fun because it is already an honor that we got to All-State,” Komen said. “Winning would be nice, but we’re just excited that we get to go and perform.”

Coloff loved being part of speech in high school.

“I met one of my best friends through speech, and I’ve made a lot of other great friendships as well,” Coloff said. “It’s a place where I can be myself while also getting more confidence in myself.”

All-State Groups

Group Mime 

“Delivering Hope”

Katie Klaver, Samantha Hanson, Sylvia Brown,Tori King 

and Val Komen

Musical Theater 

“Cellblock Tango”

Abbie Lund, Gabbie Holtzman, Mallorie Sckerl, Mary Lawson, Meron Abebe and Sydney See

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