How can you tell if you’re a book worm?

By: Daphne Becker

1.When it’s too loud to concentrate on your book so you just stare at the page and silently curse at everyone in the room.

2.When it’s too quiet, so you become acutely aware of every sound in the room — even yourself breathing — and it all is equally annoying.

3.You cannot find a comfortable position to read, so you are doing 360s every 13 seconds until you find a position you like.

4.Once you find a position you feel comfortable in, it lasts like three chapters, and you have to refer back to number three.

5.When you get so into a book that time seems to work differently, so you are reading, and it’s 9:30 p.m., and then when you finally are ready to put down your book down, it’s 3 a.m., and you’re not completely sure how that even happened.

6.When you start to cry at the end at the end of a book, and there is really is no telling if it’s because the book is sad or because you don’t want the book to end or some mixture of the both.

7.You don’t talk in minute. You talk in chapters. Whenever someone asks you how long you have been reading, instead of saying 20 minutes, you say, “Oh, about four chapters.”

8.When they kill off your favorite character, and you debate if the book is even worth finishing now.

9.The fist fight you almost get in when somebody tries to tell you the movie is better than the book. I’m sorry, J.K Rowling did not write Harry Potter for you to say something as wrong as “The movie was better.” The movie is never better than the book.

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