Smart wearables bring personal assistants to your wrist

By: Sam Magee

Android Wear

Google’s collection of wearables generally use a more natural, circular case rather than the boxy shapes of other smart wearables. Much like the Apple Watch, this device includes many built-in features that allow it to pair with another Android device. However, unlike the lock Apple’s Watch has to only work with iPhones, Android Wear items allow for use with either Android or iOS.

The Android Wear devices put health in high importance like the Apple Watch, including a heart rate sensor, pedometer and several health apps built in. There are thousands of developer-made watch faces due to Android’s ability to be customized along with many different kinds of bands to fit your style.

Google also allows different brands to create their watches, giving the customer a wide range of choices between looks and costs.

Microsoft Band

Unlike its major competitors, Google and Apple, Microsoft chose to use a band form factor for their wearable device. This device is meant to sit on the inside of your wrist, contrary to the design of traditional watches.

It is made to work with Windows devices, but it has apps allowing it to work with iOS and Android as well. A similar feature to Siri, Cortana is “your personal assistant,” and helps with things like setting reminders and sending messages.

The band also focuses heavily on creating a healthier atmosphere for its user in an unobtrusive manner, using the Microsoft Health app for your phone or an online dashboard for pretty much anywhere else.


The Fitbit collection offers a few different products based on your goals. The Fitbit is used to track your exercise, workouts and sleep patterns. All of this information is tracked in their app for cross platform use, as well as an online dashboard.

The app itself is a very sophisticated piece of software that is well worth a download. You’re able to record your workouts, food and sleep patterns. You are also able to use multiple devices with their application, while keeping in perfect sync with your day.

Razer Nabu

The Nabu and Nabu X by Razer are bands made for gamers. Each have the intentions of relaying your mobile device’s notifications to your wrist and keeping you focused on your fitness.

The Nabu simply gives your wrist a slight vibration in order to let you know what’s happening in a low-key way to keep you focused on the game. Razer also offers a fairly simple app to track your steps, calories and sleep in an all-inclusive form.

Apple Watch

Apple’s flagship watch pairs a vast variety of applications and health features with a sleek and unique look. Unlike other smart watches, Apple keeps the same case shape, choosing to limit the customization to their wide array of cases and the bands to match them.

Of course, it’s not just about the look of the watch. The Apple Watch is also a very functional device, offering thousands of apps from the App Store that pair up with your iPhone to make things like calling, messaging and health tracking very simple and discreet.

Siri also appears on the Watch, allowing for more control over your iPhone, straight from your wrist. Another huge feature in this device is that all of your notifications are sent to your watch, giving you a glimpse at what you need to know.

Overall, the Apple Watch is a very sleek and functional device that may be worth the hole in your pocket.

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