Feminism Gone Wrong

By: Alyssa Dekutoski

The definition of feminism is the advocacy (public support) of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality of men, but is that the main goal of certain aspects of feminism today?

Don’t get me wrong, equality between men and women is a desired outcome for most Americans, but let’s face the facts. We don’t need this modern version of  feminism that is described and documented below in today’s modern society. Women have already achieved the highest offices of political power in many countries, teach in  the highest areas of academia, and we have great examples like Carly Fiorina being the CEO of Hewlett Packard.  

So why are a lot of modern feminists dressing up as vaginas, verbally attacking men on the Internet, creating a trend wanting to #killallmen? Some women might be joking about that hashtag, but in today’s world of “hate speech,” this is a serious issue.  

Now not all feminists act like this, but there are a significant amount who do. but worse are the average women who don’t denounce those radical women.

Also, many feminists may try to use the already disputed “fact” that women are only paid $77 cents to the men’s dollar. That has been debunked, and here are some real facts. Men work longer hours on average than women, and women tend to take days off because of either maternity leave or childcare issues.

All jobs in America today are available to both men and women, and sex discrimination in the workplace is illegal since the enactment of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Women have achieved equality even in the military where just last month it was announced that women have been deemed eligible to serve in ALL areas of combat.

For some examples of real inequality, check out Iraq, where rape is legal in some instances, and women are stoned to death if they are even suspected of being raped. Iraqi women are only allowed to leave the home only with the permission of their husbands or male relative.   

I believe that modern feminists actually want it all, and they seem to be angry at the world because of the rigorous requirements in the career world. Shouting down men and putting anger into the social media world won’t solve anything. Calm, rational conversations based upon facts, not distorted reality is what will allow women to make decisions about their lives that not only make them fulfilled, but enhance the lives of all people surrounding them.







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