Burning Blue breeds intriguing storyline

By: Mercede Kraabel

Burning Blue is written by Paul Griffin. Nicole Castro had her life turned upside down in one moment. One second she was the most beautiful girl in high school, and then next, she was a freak. The last thing she saw was the squirt bottle coming up to her face. Now with half her face burned from acid, Nicole is left wondering: Why did this happened to me? and Who would want to do this to me?

It made the news, but there was one person who didn’t want to gossip about it. Jay Nazzaro understands how it feels to be treated like a freak, and now he, a hacker, wants to find the person who burned Nicole.

They form a friendship, but Jay soon finds that he is falling for Nicole. With everyone as a suspect, including Nicole Castro herself, it’s a mystery to be solved. Will Jay find who did it before he becomes the next victim?

Burning Blue is a wonderful mystery novel. It keep me on my toes wondering what would happen next. Every time I thought I knew who did it, there would be a twist in the plot that lead me to someone different.

I love that how it didn’t matter to Jay that half of Nicole’s face was burned. He still wanted to find the person who did it because he knew what it was like to have no friends and be an outcast.

I think Jay didn’t want Nicole to feel like she was alone. I also think that we need more people like that, people who don’t care how other people looks and still want to help them. People who don’t want other people to be alone in the world.

Burning Blue is a wonderful, page turner book. Griffin has written this book in a wonderful way, the way that you just want to keep turning the pages to see what happens next.

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