Santa shares his magical secrets

By: Kaylee Olson

Q: How do you get in the house if there’s no chimney?

Santa: Through the door.

Q: If there’s a fire in the fireplace, why don’t you get burned?

Santa: Freeze the fire with magic.

Q: How do you fit down the chimney?

Santa: I shrink myself by the power of magic.

Q: What makes the reindeer fly?

Santa: Magic.

Q: What are the reindeers’ favorite treats?

Santa: Carrots.

Q: If you have a toy shop, why do some of our presents say Amazon or Walmart on the packaging?

Santa: To hide the magic.

Q: How do you know if we moved?

Santa: Special GPS.

Q: How do you know if I’m on a trip and how will you find me?

Santa: Special GPS.

Q: Do you have any kids?

Santa: No.

Q: What’s the first name of Mrs. Claus?

Santa: Beth Claus.

Q: How do you pay the elves?

Santa: Cookies and milk.

Q: How many elves do you have?

Santa: Around 5,000 elves.

Q: How do you eat all the cookies?

Santa: I end up taking some back home with me.

Q: Do you have a cookie you don’t like to eat?

Santa: Ginger snap.

Q: What’s your favorite cookie?

Santa: Chocolate chip.

Q: Do you really read all the letters we send him?

Santa: Yes, I try to.

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