App-titude: These academic apps worth exploring

By: Tana Gam-Ad

Evernote: A virtual organizing note app, it lets you type and synchronize notes, photos and voice memos from your iPhone. Everything can be accessed from the Evernote application or website, offered on any iOS device. You can search and tag your notes, Evernote even tries to recognize and index text in photo snapshots, making organization so much easier for us students. It can also make presentations from your notes, and you can collect lots of links on articles, recipes, etc.

inClassinClass: No matter how backed up your school schedule is, inClass helps keep track of all your courses. It also helps you keep track of your tasks by reminding you when it is due and creating To-do lists, so you have no excuses to not do homework. inClass will help you take notes way more efficiently than ever before. Just take out your phone and start taking notes anywhere. inClass can also keep track of where you are to know which course you’re in.














ScrivenerScrivener: This app is revolutionary, and makes writing and editing research papers less complicated. So when working on a super-long paper or research project, Scrivener is your best friend. You can see side-by-side drafts for comparison, use a virtual corkboard to layout your outline and label papers. You can restructure or split your paper (to work on different sections) by dragging and dropping, and it is easy to view these sections side by side or switch between both.














BrainscapeBrainscape: Like the website Quizlet, this learning tool takes your works with flashcards. The difference is that Brainscape takes Quizlet’s features up a notch. Brainscape will actually get to know how long it takes you to grasp a concept or problem on flashcards you create and then start quizzing you based on the personalized information. Info on the cards can be shared across all your devices.















calcMyScript Calculator: This app calculates high-level math problems and formulas that are, handwritten onto the screen (using your finger or a stylo). Because seriously, sometimes it’s just more efficient and intuitive to scribble out your exponentials and constants. The app offers almost all features on a scientific calculator and keeps a full record of your history so you can reuse any equation whenever you need to.















DuoLingoDuoLingo: Learning languages on the go just got easier. This app makes learning fun and easy. You earn points for right answers and race against the clock, and various challenges will test how far you’ve come and personalize your lessons. It offers lessons in several different languages including Spanish, German, French, Swedish and so many others.

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