The Things They Carried: Drivers share talisman tales

By: Kaylee Olson

Rachel Eastman


In May of 2008, I lost someone very close to me, my cousin Randy Eastman. Randy was 48 when he passed away, and I’m extremely thankful that he was in no pain and didn’t have to struggle when he passed. My favorite memory of Randy was when he, my dad and grandpa would take me hunting. This is a bandana with the name Rambo on it.The name Rambo is what everyone that knew him would call him. The day we celebrated his life, people close to him wore camo and bandanas saying Rambo on it to remind him that we love him and miss him and help us know he will always be with us. I keep this in my car, and it reminds me that he is looking over me all the time. I love looking at it whenever I’m having a bad day. It brightens my day so much.

tokenCaitlyn O’Connor


Growing up, my dad was in the national guard. I’ve always got to travel all over the U.S. with him when I had breaks from school. I have been able to see super cool places because of him being in the National Guard. In junior high for about two years he was working in Des Moines. Whenever I got to visit him was special. One of my favorite times was when I got these dog tags. They even have my name pushed into them. These dog tags make me remember all the great times I had with my dad, also the time when I got to make an extra special visit to the National Guard.

token2Aliya Rabune


When I started to drive, my mom got me this stone. She told me to take it wherever I go. I always have carried it everywhere I went but never had a great place to put it. When I got to the point when I could drive, I put it in my car. Cars can be super dangerous, especially when you are putting your trust into other drivers that they will respect you on the road and be aware that you’re sharing the road. I thought it would be a great idea to put it in my car, knowing it will keep me safe. “I’m always with you,” says a lot, knowing I’ve got god and his army constantly watching me.


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