T-shirts available to show support for beloved assistant

By: Tehya Tournier

Students and staff are pitching in to help administrative assistant Jane Carter after she suffered a brain aneurysm last week. They are selling a T-shirt in order to help with her expenses and show support for her.

“She’s been going through a lot, but the nice thing is, she’s always had a positive attitude. She just keeps going, does her job and even with this she’s got a positive attitude, and she wants to get back to work. She wants to keep doing things,” said PE teacher Will Carter, son of Jane.

Last week’s emergency is the second life threatening recent event in Jane’s life. She had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer seven years ago, and she is now going through treatment for the third time. Jane had beat it once, twice and is going through another round of chemo to win this battle as well.

After the brain aneurysm on the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 7, Jane was taken to a hospital in Iowa City. She moved out of the ICU on Tuesday, Oct. 13, and was taken off of medication and monitoring systems.  Her son said that she is up and moving around, so he is going to make a trip to Iowa City to see her.

“She’s getting better progress every day,” Will said.

Counselor Erin Gardner came up with the idea to show Jane and our community how much we support her and appreciate her.

“The first thought was that everybody wanted to think of something to do so that they can help Jane, and that’s ‘cause Jane is such a positive person and is always going above and beyond to help everybody else. I just thought something should be done for her, and at the same time this is something visible so that she can see everyone that she has affected, so I thought a T-shirt would be a perfect way for everyone to wear and show our support for Jane,” Gardner said.

Both Will and Gardner shared that Jane is always caring. No matter what is going on, she is very happy and is always smiling. They said Jane is thoughtful, loving, very compassionate and most of all selfless.

They both said even though Jane has gone through so much, medical-related or not, she is never complaining. Jane is always concerned for everyone else and doesn’t focus on herself.

“I think it is important to recognize Jane and do something special because she is so special,” Gardner said.

For those who want to be tough like Jane, the T-shirts will be on the school website, and the orders will be due next Friday.  They will be selling for $10, and all the money raised will be going to Jane and her family.

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