‘Soul Eater’ offers seasonal adventure for readers

By: Noah Forker

The anime “Soul Eater” starts off with one of the three main heroes, Soul. Soul wants to become a death scythe and along with his meister, or partner, Maka, he aims to eat 99 evil humans and a single witch soul.

When the show begins, it shows Soul and Maka collecting their 99th human soul. After an intense fight, Soul eats what he thinks is his witch soul.

After that we go to the story of Black Star, who is an assassin and wants to make his partner Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, a death scythe. Black Star is an assassin, but he’s not the best at his work. He always announces his presence and just isn’t effective. To conclude his story, he faces a “super” human, whose soul is like that of 99 humans.

Finally, we join our final set of heroes, Death the Kid, son of the Death himself, and his partners, the Thompson sisters. Kid’s goal is basically like the other two, but he wants to make the world perfectly symmetrical. To conclude his quest, he goes to a pyramid and fights a mummy, which he at first admires because of its symmetry, and then kills it when it comes out from its casket.

In the Soul Eater manga, it follows the first three bios pretty well, along with the show. The artwork is very nice, and I felt like the manga and anime were not that much different. However, the manga does do some things a little bit more graphically than needed.

The show has a few differences, like how Kid’s goals are more clearly mentioned in the manga than the anime, and how Black Star uses different techniques and other small things. A big difference, though, is when they fight a zombie and need info, the manga is a bit more graphic. Another major difference is Blaire, who is a cat with magic powers who talks in third person a lot.

A lot of people believe this to be a good “starting anime,” and I personally believe that. Overall, both the manga and anime are very good. If I had to chose, I like the anime better simply because I’m an anime guy.

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