Rocking band gets rocking reviews

concert2Bodies crowed and squeezed to get as close as they possibly could to the gods on the stage. It was around 6:15 when From Ashes to New came on. No one knew they would be the ones opening up for the concert, but they quickly became a pleasant surprise. Their hardcore rap style of rock and roll ignited the mosh pit in no time.

But the when the real opener came on stage, I am kind of embarrassed to say I cried like a baby. In This Moment, with an amazing female singer — the only female on stage I might add, Maria Brink — her two guitarists, bassist and killer drummer made every person in the pit scream bloody murder. Opening up with their song “Sick Like Me,” Brink stood on the stage in a cape, black hat and lingerie, while her two “blood girls” danced on either side of her. Screaming ensued, not only in the crowd but on stage as In This Moment’s heavy metal song style echoed through the large auditorium.

Papa Roach was the next to grace this silver stage. Jacoby Shaddix had no problem getting this crowd head banging in no time. The floor shook, and the song rang through my ears. It was spiritual, you know, until the girl next to me spilled her beer on me.

The last band to end this nearly four-hour concert was the one and only Five Finger Death Punch. You would think after a long night of head banging and rocking out that everyone would just be too tired to get excited for them, but when Ivan Moody came on stage with a fake bloody handprint on his face, and decked out in a leather jacket that looked made of human faces, the crowd cheered like it never had before. The screams bellowed out of Moody’s chest when he started with “Got Your Sixth.”

This was truly a night to remember, and I can say without a shadow of doubt that this concert was one of the best nights of my life.

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