New softball coach hopes to build consistency

By: Tehya Tournier

Consistency. It’s one of many things that CFHS softball needs in a coach and in it’s players to make a team successful. The softball program hasn’t been stable for the last few years, so the team was looking for a leader to stick around, and new coach Steve Chidester is the winning candidate for consistency.

He has coached 17 years at Denver High School and has a lot of umpiring experience for high school softball. Chidester also is a P.E. instructor, coaches eighth grade football at Peet Junior High and coaches basketball in Janesville.

“I think my coaching experience will be a strength I bring to the CF softball program. I believe in teaching fundamentals, organization and having a positive outlook,” Chidester said.

He plans to bring coaches, players and parents together so everyone is heading in the right direction while supporting the team and the program. He would also like to figure out a way for girls to come out for softball all five years that they are allowed to play because he is both excited and anxious to meet the girls and see what they’ve got. Chidester said he wants this program and softball team to succeed and be phenomenal.

Senior Kelsey Aikey would have had three coaches if she was going out for softball in her fifth year.

“It was kind of hard having new coaches because they don’t know who the ‘true athletes’ are, and you have to build that bond all over again. It did not help the program. It actually made everything worse. As you can see, football, basketball, all those sports, they have coaches that have been there for many many years. That’s how you build a program, finding a coach that loves the game and wants to make a difference.”

Aikey also said she feels that coach Chidester will take the program very far and that she is happy to have a new coach. She advises younger girls going out for softball or considering it to have fun and be an awesome teammate, to try and make a bond on and off the field.

“I would say to the girls in Cedar Falls that are considering coming out for softball, if you enjoy playing softball and are willing to put in the time, definitely come out. At least come to the meeting and see if you like what you hear,” Chidester said.

He said he is more than ready and willing to meet the girls and for this season to start, and he said he hopes the numbers work out and the softball program will have a good amount of players for the next softball season because it’s looking like the team will be in good hands.

“I have high hopes for this program but can’t be successful without the best CF has to put on the field.”

Chidester said he doesn’t have an exact date for a meeting about softball but would like to have it towards the end of October, and he’ll post the details soon.

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