Thank a Vet: Show support for Travis Vaughn

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Travis Vaughn was a beloved student of Cedar Falls High School and graduated in 1999. After high school, Vaughn chose to join the United States military. He became a Night Stalker, a member of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Tragically, on Feb. 17, 2007, Vaughn and eight others perished when their Chinook helicopter crashed in Afghanistan.

Vaughn’s parents felt a need to help other military families after the passing of their child, so they started Kandie’s Kidz, a foundation that attends to the needs of military families.

In order to help support his memory and his foundation, Vaughn’s father, Brad Vaughn, will be collecting many personal hygiene items, including women’s nail polish and hair accessories, since there are women in the veterans’ home in Marshalltown, as well.

The deadline to turn in items to either the library, the guidance office or the Tigers’ Den is Feb. 17. There will also be a bake sale on Feb. 12 in order to raise funds.

Counselor Erin Gardner said that not enough has been donated yet.

“We haven’t even got close to our goal yet, but we still have a few weeks until the deadline,” Gardner said. “Last year was our best ever year, and it will be interesting to see how this year stacks up to it.”

Gardner also said that the donations really make a difference.

“The veterans are always excited to receive the items. They usually don’t get enough from the home, and our donations can really help them,” Gardner said.

The brave men and women in Marshalltown have risked everything in order to preserve our country and our freedoms, and now, they barely have enough of the basic necessities for a normal life in Iowa.

It only takes a few dollars and a few minutes to make a difference.

These people defended us, and now it is our turn to give back, so please, donate.

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