34 earn All State music distinctions

By: Skylar Starbeck

The CFHS music department had a great day Saturday at All-State auditions as a total of 34 musicians were accepted into the 2014 Iowa All-State Music Festival.

The Iowa All State Music Festival is a three-part concert composed of a band, choir and orchestra. The concert is organized by the Iowa High School Music Association and is host to 1,083 of the best high school musicians in the state of Iowa. The concert will take place on Nov. 22, at the Hilton Coliseum at Iowa State University.

Brian Keiser, three-time All State musician, said, “The preparation process for auditions is vigorous and requires focus, attention to detail, musicality and practice, hours and hours of practice. Of course, you must not forget to have fun as you go.”

All these talented musicians spend plenty of hours a week practicing. Keiser said that “the tryout, which is done in a quartet, makes it much easier to audition. It requires all the singers to blend their voices to make an ensemble sound. This may work for you or against you depending on the strength of your quartet’s bond to one another.”

Practicing towards perfection  led 34 Mary Anton, French horn competitor, to attending All State for the first time. “It is an honor to be able to compete in the All State Music competition for the first time. It has taken a lot of hard work and focus in order to compete at this level. Having 34 students going on to All State is a good turnout for our music program,” Anton said.


CFHS All State List

Kelly Olsen – Violin

Adrian Amjadi – Violoncello

Claire Chenoweth – Violin

Sarah Gao – Violin (3rd year)

Olivia Fabos Martin – Violoncello

Kailey Stiers – Viola

Alex Dou – Viola

Ben Baker – Contrabass

Allie Taiber Viola

Luke Lawson (Tenor)

Brian Keiser (Tenor)

Sammone Jones (Alto)

Sydney See (Alto)

Brooke Prohaska (Alto)

Angelle Waltz (Soprano)

Gabriella Holtzman (Soprano)

Gigi Norby (Soprano)

Emily Bruss (Soprano)

Lauren Harter (Soprano)

Anton Oelmann (Bass)

Seth Van Roosendall (Bass)

Mitchell Dekutoski (Bass)

Harrison Sims (Bass)

Maia Kamenova, flute

Rachel Ki, flute

Elizabeth Swanson, clarinet

Sydney Coloff, clarinet

Katherine Campbell, alto sax

Isaac Smith, trumpet

Mary Anton, French horn

Annie Ross, French horn

Michael Stow, trombone

Kyler Boss, percussion


Katarina Walther, oboe

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