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Patrons are giving Tiger Den Coffee Shop two thumbs up! The shop just opened up this past Tuesday, March 25, and is already tempting the tastes of students quickly becoming daily regulars.

The coffee shop offers a few different types of coffee such as white chocolate and French vanilla, and there is even hot chocolate and tea. The shop does not yet have iced coffees or smoothies, but you never know what the future of next year or later of this year holds. The shop is still fresh and growing.

Coffee and hot chocolate are sold before school and through period 3 for $1.50, but the shop is running a special where one can buy a signature Tiger Den mug for $10. With the purchase of this mug, customers will also receive a free cup of coffee upon purchase and as well as a $0.25 discount for all future refills, making the price $1.25.

Besides selling coffee and hot chocolate, the coffee shop also offers bottled cold drinks like Gatorade, Propel and water, as well as snacks that include chips, granola bars and trail mix and even different flavors of Orbit gum. All prices vary from $0.75 to $1.75.

This past Wednesday was day two of the coffee shop being open for business, and by the middle of first hour, around 29 cups of coffee were sold along with four mugs. So far white chocolate is leading as the most popular drink sold with French vanilla close behind.

Junior Hannah Mattingly and senior Hannah Ackerman both have different likes.

Ackerman said, “I like the French vanilla,” while Mattingly said, “I got the hot chocolate once and really liked it.” Now it’s your turn to vote.

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