Students Against Destructive Decisions starts awareness campaign for fall

In hopes of gathering new members to support them, the group Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) will be doing a few things within the next few weeks. They are going to be making buttons, stickers, and  T-shirts for their group.

The buttons and stickers they are making have a pause sign on them. This pause sign is a reminder to pause before you post ideas online. SADD members are striving to remind teenagers using social networks to think about what they are posting before they put anything up. They hope that with these buttons/stickers, the kids will think more about what their saying before they put it up to regret it later.

SADD focuses on many different things. Some examples would be drinking, smoking, doing drugs and joining other rash decisions that some teenagers make. Their goal is to keep as many students as possible from doing destructive things.

Josh Carnelley, an adviser of SADD, said, “SADD once again is about education and prevention, but overall, the group focuses on the idea that students should, ‘Do the right thing’, not because they have to it or because it is the law but because they want to, and the more students that do the right thing, the easier it will be for them to not make destructive decisions.”

A few of the SADD members may be passing out buttons and stickers during lunch or in the hallway. Some flyers will also be popping up to tell about SADD as well.  This encourages those who agree with the things that SADD is doing for the schools community to join their meetings and help work out ideas to make the school a less destructive place.

Carnelley said, “Currently our membership is around 15 students, but by the end of the year I see the potential for this group to be as big as 50 or more.”

The meetings for the group SADD are usually on the second and fourth Thursday of every month and take place in room 107 at 3 p.m.

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