Student Senators share aspirations for year

President Alyssa Vuong, senior

The time may be early, but this group of students is wide awake. They are the Student Senate. They meet in the auditorium on Wednesday mornings and discuss issues and upcoming events at Cedar Falls High School.

The group of students is supervised by counselor Erin Gardner. “I love meeting new students and watching them go into roles of leadership in the school and the community,” Gardner said. “I love watching them take charge.”

Gardner also contributes ideas and suggestions whenever she can or whenever the senate is stumped on a problem. “The senate members and officers have enthusiasm for doing new things that we haven’t done before,” Gardner said.

The senate itself is lead by a group of four students called the Student Officers. They consist of Alyssa Vuong, Jacob Gubbrud, Andrew Stensland and Agatha Fenech, who are president, vice president, treasurer and secretary respectively.

“I like being in Student Senate because I like being able to make decisions that impact everybody and representing each student,” Stensland said. “I like sitting on the stage and make a difference.”

At the beginning of each meeting, all of the members of the senate gather and discuss issues as a group. Sometimes, after a few minutes of talking as a large group, the senate body splits up into smaller groups known as committees. The committees tackle individual problems and then give their ideas to the whole group. They are and will be splitting into committees for the next few meetings because the next major event has many different parts to it, and each committee is responsible for an individual part.

Treasurer Drew Stensland, junior

What is the next major event? The answer is homecoming and homecoming week. Posters for homecoming week are already hanging that tell the students what to wear for each day of the week. That is just the tip of the iceberg with all of the other homecoming related activities.

Vice President Jacob Gubbrud, senior

The different class leadership groups — sophomore, junior and senior — will each be designing their own hallway. It will be a competition to see who can design their hallway best. Each day during homecoming week, there will be a certain type of clothing everyone in the school to wear, and the Friday of homecoming is spirit day, so seniors should wear black, juniors should wear red and sophomores should wear white. The theme of this year’s homecoming is “Candyland.”

Homecoming week will still be going strong during the homecoming dance which will be held at Orchard Hill Church from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.. The week will come to a conclusion after the Powder Puff Football Game which will be held on Sunday at 7 p.m. at Hauser Stadium Football Field. The school will also be collecting canned goods during this game.

Immediately after homecoming week is the food drive, and Student Senate has already started planning for that. “The food drive is great because we can get the whole school involved to help a great cause. We can help people through the Northeast Iowa Food Bank while competing with other schools,” Stensland said.

“I am most excited about homecoming, the book drive for India, the dance marathon and the color run this year,” Gardner said regarding what she was most excited about this year.

Stensland said, “I am looking most forward to two things this year: supporting CFHS athletics and activities and representing every student.”

Secretary Agatha Fenech, junior

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