Ackerman makes State for sixth time

Junior Hannah Ackerman has competed in the National History Day District Competition for six years in a row and recently was once again selected to go to the state competition in Des Moines. “It’s an amazing opportunity to be selected. I’ve been going for six years, so I’m not as excited as I was the first time, but it’s definitely an honor,” Ackerman said.

Ackerman has participated and enjoyed history for a long time. “I think elementary school was when she first got into the National History Day competitions, but she’s always really been into history from when I can first remember. She has a real interest in historical figures and events. She still does,” Hannah Ackerman’s mother, Margaret Ackerman said.

These historical competitions are a great way not only to teach history but to learn it. “I love putting on performances, but I also love watching others. People get a better understanding of something when it’s presented to them rather than taught in a book or a classroom,” Ackerman said.

To be in a historical competition requires a lot of work. “You need to begin by researching a topic and creating a script for yourself. After this, you’ll have to find props, and then you need to practice your script and memorize it,” Ackerman said.

There are many different ways to enter these contests. “Hannah joined through school, but you can also enter outside of school, which is something she’s had to do too,” Margaret Ackerman said.

These performances not only help entrants learn history and teach history, but they also bring remembrance to people who lived through the history. “Sometimes Hannah performs for veteran events. It’s really touching to see her do her performances for them and see their reactions to these performances. It’s just really nice of her to bring remembrance and appreciation for these veterans,” Margaret Ackerman said.

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