It’s ‘LINspirational’, everybody!

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Are you having trouble proving your full potential? Wondering where you really belong in this world? Don’t worry. You’re certainly not the only one.

Several weeks ago, Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks put himself into the spotlight of fame after being rejected from Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. When the Knicks’ two star players couldn’t play because of a family death and a personal injury, Lin got his chance to prove himself on the court and turn the heads of many unsuspecting Knicks fans.

A ‘Linsation’ had just hit the crowd.

Lin graduated from Harvard University in 2010 with a degree in economics. Not only is this unusual, but Lin has especially earned his right to attention because he is one of the very few Asian Americans in NBA history. But even in his attending the Ivy League university, he received no athletic scholarships for his talents. So this jewel remained hidden.

Odds were heavily stacked against Lin in his entering the NBA draft. The last Ivy League player to be drafted into the NBA was in 2003, and the last from Harvard was in 1954. He did not get drafted in 2010. Lin persisted with honing his basketball skills in hopes that one day he would be able to make a starting squad.

So do you think you can’t get a spot in this world of competition? Well, think again, young one. This game of life is all about failure, struggle and eventual success. So get out there, show your stuff and become a champion! Lin style!

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