Snowball production freezes from disinterest

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It’s pretty ironic, really. Take a poll of the student body and you’ll find no shortage of students requesting formal dances. Just this fall, students expressed outrage at the student senate proposal for an informal homecoming dance. But even when the student senate attempts to answer such complaints, you’d still be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t moan and groan about “the lack of things to do” around school. More often than not, the student senate’s efforts are met with total disinterest.

Last week, the student senate was forced to cancel its new winter formal because the necessary 10 percent of the student body required to fund the dance failed to buy a $5 ticket in advance. Student senate spent over two weeks actively recruiting ticket buyers during their lunch periods; a meager 82 students responded.

It would be easier to brush off if students expressed no interest in a formal dance, but this event was planned in compliance with the numerous requests coming from the student body. Students, if you ache for formal dances, don’t sit out when the opportunity arises. It’s a slap in the face to the student senate who devoted its time to booking a DJ and boosting publicity while giving up its lunch periods.

But the blame can’t lay entirely on students. Since high school students are notorious for leaving money at home or hesitating to commit to events in advance, it might be time for student senate to consider more innovative ways to sell tickets. One thing is for certain: students and their peer leaders need to stop dancing around the issue of informal soirees and find common ground.

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