Students, teachers enter into hairy situation

Lindsey Davis/Staff Writer

Five o’ clock shadow is nothing compared to the lengths many go to during November. Nowadays, this month is not only known for the delicious celebration of Thanksgiving, but for a new 30-day-long holiday: No Shave November. The event started in Australia in 1999 by a group of men. Their goal was to raise awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer. They began it in response to the Breast Cancer Awareness month. The men called it “Movember” as in mustache November or “Novembeard.”

Those who want to be involved with Movember must follow specific rules. On Shadowe’en (Oct. 31), one’s entire mustache region must be shaved. Throughout November, no hair below the lower lip can be grown. Participants cannot join the mustache and sideburns, and for those who have a beard, they may shave it only leaving a mustache.

In any case, the point is to shave on Oct. 31 and then go all November without as much as touching a razor. Come Dec. 1, participants are free to shave it all off. Of course anyone can make up his or her own version of the “holiday.” Often, this event is organized to raise money for charities, so for those not all about letting your hair grow to great lengths, it’s at least for a good cause.

Many Cedar Falls students participate in No Shave November. Hayden Shea is one of those people. He said that he does it because it’s fun and others like his beard.

“I like doing No Shave November because I don’t have time to shave, and I look older,” Shea said.

Males seem to always enjoy growing a little stubble, and this is the perfect excuse to keep it. On the other end of the spectrum, girls love No Shave because it makes life that much easier.

In 2010, Laura Schwickerath became slightly notorious for being bold and not shaving, though many encouraged her to.

“Shaving legs is such a hassle. I get an extra 15 minutes of sleep just by not shaving,” Schwickerath said.

She said she gets a lot of negative feedback for her long hair, but her motto is haters gonna hate. Keeping her legs hidden is one drawback, but Schwickerath notes that it’s blue jean weather anyway. Not only did she partake in November’s no shaving celebration, Schwickerath makes up an excuse for the following months to keep the hair growing.Examples: Don’t Shave December, Just One More January. Finally in February, she shaved one leg.

Whether one participates in No Shave November or not, it is a good conversation piece. If one needs an incentive to do No Shave, look up a charity to get involved with.

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